New moms around the world get only 5-6 hours of sleep per night due to having to take care of their children at night, as opposed to the widely accepted 7-9 hours of sleep most adults need every night, and many of them still have to go to work the following day. And it can get more and more demanding as children grow.

Even in the face of such selflessness, many moms still question if they are good moms. We think we can all go an extra mile to appreciate the moms in our lives and reassure them that they are doing a great job. That’s why we have put together these ideas to wow mom this Mother’s Day.

1. Catch an afternoon movie with mom 
When last did you take mom to the movies and it was all about her? Let her choose the movie and cinema she wants to go to, and if she has young kids, arrange for a babysitter without her having to stress about the arrangement.

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2. Give mom a day off 
Even though buying gifts is more convenient, nothing beats a thoughtful gift or gesture with personal touches. Divide mom’s typical daily tasks amongst your family members or friends, and let her do whatever she wants to do on that day.

3. Send her a personal video message 
If you are separated by distance, get everyone to send a personal video message saying why they love and appreciate mom and combine them into one video to send to her first thing o Mother’s Day.

Have a look at our Mother’s Day video below for inspiration.