Times are tough. With many people losing their jobs and others taking salary cuts, there has never been a time when having an emergency fund could have come in handier. Cheer up; we’re not talking about saving money to guilt-trip you. We’re bringing it up to show you that with Multiply Money, you already have a trick up your sleeve to help with daily expenses and additional day-to-day medical expenses. Here’s how you can make Multiply Money work for you during this challenging time.

Access money for daily expenses

You can pay for food, toiletries, medicine and anything other essentials with Multiply Money.

First, transfer money from your savings wallet to your payment wallet. After that, you can swipe your Multiply card or make a mobile payment at the till. You can pay this way at any store in South Africa.

Access money for additional day-to-day medical expenses

You can swipe your Multiply Money card at healthcare providers to pay with the money in your HealthSaver. You can also transfer money from your savings wallet and payment wallet to your HealthSaver to cover your medical costs.

You don’t have to wait till later to start saving

Saving with Multiply Money is easier than you think. Shop at our partners to earn cashbacks and save the cashbacks in your savings wallet to earn interest from the first cent.

The recent prime rate cuts may have left you with extra cash to pay off your debts quicker or build up an emergency fund with the extra money. You can deposit that extra money into your Multiply payment wallet from your bank account, and transfer to your savings wallet to earn interest.

Watch this video to see how you can multiply your life with Multiply Money:

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