Who doesn’t love a good braai? A braai is an excellent way to bring family and friends together. With the sunny seasons upon us, braais should be the order of the day! Even though traditional braai food can be high in saturated fats and sugar –which aren’t your heart’s best friends, you can still enjoy a good braai with a few smart healthy substitutes. Focus on choosing healthier options for the following items, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a braai your heart will love.

The basting sauce

The basting sauce is the heart of the braai. But many basting sauces can be high in sugar and oil. Try this low-carb & no sugar added DIY BBQ sauce recipe instead.

The side dishes

You can never go wrong with chakalaka (the South African version of a hot salsa) and coleslaw as part of your selection of braai sides. If you ever rethink your entire braai menu, be sure to keep these two.

  • Chakalaka: If you’re big on flavour, but would still like to identify your vegetables, this tasty chakalaka recipe is for you.
  • Coleslaw: Instead of dressing your coleslaw with traditional mayonnaise, you can try this fresh Greek yoghurt dressing. It will still be creamy and tasty, but lower in calories.

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The drinks

Nothing quenches thirst quite like a glass of ice-cold water. That doesn’t mean we expect you to drink plain water all day long at your braai. Here are some great ideas on how to add flavour to a glass of water and still make it look like a gourmet drink.

Remember to wear a mask at all times when going out, and wash your hands frequently. Visit the South African Coronavirus website for more guidelines to help you stay safe.

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