Cancer sticks … coffin nails. Yip, smokers have heard their beloved ciggies, smokes or entjies called a plethora of names – and justifiably so. Let’s face it, that thin roll of shredded tobacco ensconced in the paper is not a celery stick and never will be.

Advice on how to quit is also such a well-traversed topic. You’ve heard, and maybe tried, them all – from nicotine patches to apps to self-help books. Still no luck? Let’s face it, Smokey, that early-morning cough does not resemble a melodic bird song.

Amidst unemptied ashtrays, the endless search for lighters or matches, the panic of having smoked the last one in the packet and mounting health concerns, is there really another suggestion to help you with your packet-a-day habit?

There is. And here it is. Admittedly it was overheard in a discussion. Know that it is a suggestion and all it asks of you at this point is willingness to give it a try. We do not claim it will make you quit, and we’re not publishing a medical paper either, but it might just set the wheel in motion for you to regard cigarettes in a different light.

Look at your smoking habit. Ask yourself, “What am I getting out of this? What is my body getting out of this?” Sometimes, we’re so deep in thought, our minds all over the place, we don’t even know we’ve smoked a cigarette during the last couple of minutes. “What do I notice happening to various parts of my body with each drag I take?”

Use this process and simply ride it out. Give it a week. Play with it for a week. Be present and scrutinise each intake of nicotine. Keep it light though, don’t question yourself like a drill sergeant. “Do I really need to indulge this craving?” Some who’ve given this suggestion a sporting chance have noticed they don’t reach for that packet quite as often. Even if it makes you smoke less, for starters, you’re making an effort on the road to Quitville.

Progress, they say, is not perfection. As for the extra cash in your wallet that’s usually forked out on your brand, why not stick your mates for pizza. And get the tip.